Steamed Eggs?

Published 11/14/2012

Although a (flawed) fairly recent study tried to demonize them, I’m a huge fan of hardboiledeggs!  They’re one of the few convenient health foods out there!  However, they’re a pain in the ass to peel (especially the fresh ones)!  Lucky for our readers, you subscribe to the lazy folks’ guide to healthy living.  Credit goes out to Sherri Brodeur of Brodeur Family Chiro for bringing this recipe to our attention.

The quicker and easier way to “hardboil” an egg:

Steam them for 13 minutes.

Remove eggs from steamer basket and spray with cold water while peeling.  Takes about 3-5 minutes per dozen.

Boom!  Protein (and good fat, choline, vitamins A and D, and so on)!

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