Teaching the MovNat Essentials

Published 03/26/2017

This month, we were excited to welcome 20 individuals from across New England to our Jungle for a one-day Natural Movement Elements Workshop.

As Rhode Island’s only MovNat licensed facility, we were proud to equip folks – from gym owners and avid obstacle course runners to the average Joe – with the fundamentals of MovNat, a physical education and fitness system that embraces a full range of natural movement abilities.


Participants received six hours of professional instruction and step-by-step progressions of various skills, including crawling, balancing, climbing, lifting and carrying. Additionally, our workshop featured a special emphasis on ground movement to restore stability and mobility and improve efficiency in all movement patterns.

For more photos from the workshop, check out our Facebook album

Why are we so enthusiastic about natural movement? MovNat not only builds strength through practical movement, but requires efficiency and focus that we can bring into our daily lives. Imagine everyday tasks – from unloading groceries and lifting boxes to playing with your children – made easier through simple, mindful movement patterns. Improved mobility stability, balance, focus and applicability strength = an improved you in mind, body and spirit.


Even better, the practical, adaptable and complex movements taught in MovNat ensure confidence, success and a top-notch experience at all of our obstacle course races. By training and adapting in real-life environments, racers learn to adapt and move efficiently. As so perfectly put on the MovNat site, it’s not just about getting over the wall, it’s about doing so efficiently. 


Interested in practicing your natural movement skills? Sign up for one of our weekly classes here!

Confident in your MovNat skills, but want to learn more? Participate in our upcoming Level 1 Workshop and Certification, 9/22/17 through 9/24/17. Sign up here

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