The (7) Weeks in Review

Published 05/24/2011

Long time no time.  Unlike previous sabbaticals, I have actually exercised during this period.  The details aren’t important, but the experiences are.  The highlights include:

European Family Cruise – in 7 days we walked roughly 1,200 mi unless I’m messing up the km conversion?  One formal workout was included, but as always when away, tons of impromtu sessions were in the mix. 

MovNat One Day Course – what an experience!  We learned (or re-learned) how to walk, run, balance, climb, lift, throw, carry, jump, roll, crawl, and move in the most efficient method possible.  Basically, every word and drill spoke to me!  Among the many different new and improved skills I learned were: coconut tree climbing technique, swinging up on a bar/limb/etc, balancing on two and four limbs, and precision jumping.  I cannot exaggerate how much this class has inspired me and how excited I am to expand my horizons and consequently those of my clients!  Within the next year, I will be doing a 5 day!

Tough Mudder New England – the most mentally and physically grueling 4 hours of my life!  If it weren’t for the 10 miles of hills and 13,750 feet of elevation change, this would’ve been a piece of cake as my training translated very well.  And for being hampered by a stubbon foot, the ups and downs on the mountain weren’t any more killer than I would’ve expected.  The culprit, once again, was serious cramping traveling up and down and front to back of my tired legs.  Throw in sub 40 deree water plunging, and you have the makings of a serious frankenstein shuffle!  It was somewhat comforting (bad choice of words) to see about half of my fellow mudder brethren doing the same stiff legged saunter.  All in all, I’ve never been happier to finish a “race” (they call it challenge) in my career!  That said, I can’t wait until next year for redemption!  As part of that preparation, I’ll be doing BoldRDash, the RI scaled version.   For anyone interested in joining Team LBF, hit me up!

So that is that folks.  The next event, O My Goddard Sprint Tri, is approx 4 weeks away and I’ve yet to swim, ride a bike, or jog in 2011.  The next test of translation is coming soon…


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