The "New" LbF Turns 1!

Published 07/30/2013

The challenge of describing the first year of life at the new digs rivals that of any Tough Mudder,Bold r Dash, Spartan Race, Tuff Scramblers, 21 Day Primal Challenge, etc.  Thanks to good people, the spirit of play, fun and mostly effective planning, and some good luck and fortune, things have really evolved during the last full Earth orbit around the Sun.  Here are some highlights:

  • It began on a wild weekend as Captain L.A.Magellan led us to Save the Bay on Saturday 7/28.  After a victory lunch we headed back to Warwick and relocated the toys from theoriginal spot at Brodeur Family Chiro to the New Digs despite the “wicked storm” conditions.  After a night of restless sleep and trying not to crap our boardshorts, construction began on the indoor playground on Sunday 7/29.  The place felt humongous for the first official session on Monday 7/30.
  • While I was away at a cousin’s wedding, Los Neuty Osos represented at Bold r Dash in September!


  • Our 2nd ever Open House was pretty sweet!
  • A bunch of Neuty Osos took on Tuff Scramblers in October!
  • By the Fall we had already added some sweet new features but more were to come…
  • The Stoner Family tripled!  You knew Wilma first.  Then we added Sloth and Pebbles!


Pebbles, Wilma, Sloth

Pebbles, Wilma, Sloth

Getting to know Wilma (Note the white walls in the office and short mane):


Sloth is a beast:


  • We took advantage of our extensive network of rope-hanging supports!

It started with a simple traverse:


And since we expect to see it at Tough Mudder New England, we added a Dong Dangler and a Knotty Rope:


  • A new way to hardboil eggs changed our lives forever back in November!
  • We teamed up with New England Grass Fed to take on Spartan Fenway!
  • The free Thanksgiving morning workout was a big hit and resulted in a nice contribution to the RI Food Bank!


  • Our clients showed their generosity again for our First Annual Giving Tree!

Giving Tree

  • The Frozen Clam 2.0 raised almost twice as much as the Inaugural Clam!
  • The New Year’s Primal Challenge and Spring Primal Challenge were both huge successes!  The “biggest loser” in January dropped 6lbs and almost 9″!  Since then she has maintained her Primal ways and has lost an additional 17lbs, over 20″, and successfully completed Bold r Dash on the Beach in May!  Our “biggest loser” in the Spring dropped 14lbs and 9″, has continued to reshape his body, and is now prepared to earn his orange headband at Tough Mudder next month!
  • Our 2nd Tough Mudder Winter Training was so much fun we extended it to 19 weeks!  Neuty is so beautiful in the winter!  Remember trudging through 2-3′ of snow after Nemo?
  • Speaking of Nemo, while snowed in we rearranged our espresso bar!


  • The First Laidy’s been such a sport, she deserved a European vacation!
  • We created another smoothie that’s been a staple for the last few months!
  • Since we’re right by the train tracks it only made sense to do a sick mural in the backyard!


  • All that painting inspired us to renovate the LbF lounge!



We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!  We expect our biggest group yet at Tough Mudder New England next month, a much-anticipated MovNat Certification shortly after, another Open House (this year featuring crops from our 1st home-grown harvest), perhaps a Ninja Warrior event, CENTRAL AIR (!), and hopefully I survive World’s Toughest Mudder in November so we can keep this thing going!

If you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We would be totally remiss if we did not acknowledge our clients, family and friends (many of whom fall into two or all three of those categories) for all of their support and generosity!  It is certainly not the equipment, nor the bright-colored walls, music, etc. that makes this place so incredibly cool; rather the people who workout or play-outhere!  We’ve said it a bunch but it’s worth repeating, this place isn’t for everyone…it’s more Average Joe’s than Globo Gym…and you pretty much have to be cool to even consider working out here.   We are happy to say that 100% of our clients are cool!

Thank you all again!  We will see you at the Open House/1 Year Party/Harvest Festival Soon!




LbF 1 Year




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