The "New" LbF Turns 2!

Published 07/31/2014

Writing these recaps gives me goosebumps!  A year ago I was so humbled, proud, excited, and a bit exhausted as I wrote about the wild ride that was our first year at the new studio!  I never thought we could top those 365 amazing days!  Well, looking back, I think we’ve done it!  Here are the significant moments of our sophomore season!

  • We changed our logo in August but it wasn’t until the following April that we installed the sign!

New Sign

  • Los Neuty Osos more than doubled in size as 24 badasses conquered Tough Mudder New England together!  Notable statistics for this event:
    • Orange Headbands – 24
    • Ladies – 10
    • Gentlemen – 14
    • Virgins – 14
    • Veterans – 10
    • Married couples – 2
    • Newly engaged couples – 1
    • Pairs of brothers – 1
    • Pairs of sisters – 2
    • Ages 28-59.98
    • Average age 39.08
    • Complaints – 0!
    • Pairs of shoes worn – 23

TM NE 2013 Finish

Although he wasn’t on our team, the Big Man really inspired us!

  • Roughly 1 month later a different pack of Osos represented at Bold r Dash!  I did OK for a minimalist in competing against some local OCR racers.

Bold Before

6 Years Later!

6 Years Later!

  •  The First LbF Wedding was a blast!  We cannot confirm it brought the gift of fertility, but we’d like to think we had an influence as Alison & Chris are expecting in October!

Alison and Chris

  • Our 2nd Annual Free Thanksgiving Class featured the “Kitchen Sink” circuit!  Our clients were extremely generous with their donations to the RI Food Bank!thanksgiving (2)
  • Once again our clients were extremely generous with our 2nd Annual Giving Tree in support of local families!

Giving Tree

  • The Frozen Clam blew up in its 3rd year!  It was the coldest, yet most successful Clam ever, raising $5,000!  Thanks again to our clam dippers and sponsors!
That's a lot of Clams!

That’s a lot of Clams!

  • That was so much fun that we started doing monthly dips!
  • It was our way of showing Winter that we’re not intimidated!
  • We started hosting monthly meetings for the local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter!
  • As a result of these meetings, we became part of Farm Fresh RI’s Market Mobile Programwhich delivers local food to the studio!
  • After doing our homework we selected a supplement line that is keeping our bodies young, fresh, and (mostly) pain-free!  Ask for a shot of OPC-3 (aka the “purple miracle”) at the bar!
  • Kettlebella joined the party!  Check out her class on Wednesday nights!
  • The First Laidy showed us that women can be beautiful and strong while with child!  It was humbling and inspiring to watch, as she carried her body with such grace and even taught class at 38 weeks!
Welcome to the World!  Now let's get Naked!

Welcome to the World! Now let’s get Naked!


Wait, so you’re responsible for me? I think I just pooped myself!

Record for Crawling Under Lowest Hurdle!

Current record holder for lowest under crawl!

Baby Badass!

Baby Badass!

That's Her!  4 Months Later!

That’s Her! 4 Months Later!



  • Bold r Dash on the Beach was a bunch of fun as always!
  • 2014 Winter Tough Mudder Training was EPIC!  The first half of our 18 week program was in snow!  These badasses took it all in (short, fast) stride.

Osos Sand Dunes


  • The award for most FFabulous day of the year goes to Los Neuty Osos at Tough Mudder New England on 6/1!  We had an “event high” 38 highly trained badasses hold strong and finish together for the greatest accomplishment of our brief, yet storied history.  This brought our Orange headband total to 84.  We will see triple digits next month at Tough Mudder Great Northeast!  Notable statistics for this event:
    • Orange Headbands – 24
    • Other Colored Headbands – 14
    • Ladies – 19
    • Gentlemen – 19
    • Virgins – 24
    • Veterans – 14
    • Married couples – 4
    • Engaged couples – 1
    • Couples who got engaged immediately after finishing – 1
    • Relatives of mine – 2
    • Ages 20-60
    • Average age – pretty old
    • Pounds lost by the biggest loser – 110!
    • Complaints – 0!
    • Regrets – 0!
    • Lifetime memories – unknown.


  • We added some delicious recipes
  • We added lots of sweet new features!

Outside too!

Side Yard!

Side Yard!

Back Yard!

Back Yard!

  • We started posted some challenges for y’all to do on your own!  More to follow (we promise)…
  • The Laid-back Forest is coming folks!  Prepare to be amazed by this unique destination!  Picture Mulligan’s Island meets Tough Mudder/American Ninja Warrior!
Load Testing the Traverse!

Load Testing the Traverse!

Once again, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!  I know you’ve heard it before, but we wouldn’t be able to pull this off without you!  We have never worked harder than we have in the last two years; but you all make it worthwhile!  Much love to you: the badass, loving, generous, positive, and overall high-quality people we call our clients!  We look forward to writing the next chapter with you all!

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