They Aren't Fun But They Are Awesome!

Published 07/16/2012

When you honestly break it down, doing a Tough Mudder (or any challenging adventure race) is not fun.  Trudging up and down mean hills, plunging into icy waters, carrying heavy things (including our bodies), crawling through muddy and rocky terrain, getting electrocuted, etc. are simply not enjoyable activities.  But that’s not the point!  The reason to do one, as I see it, is to drink down the emotional cocktail of accomplishment/gratification/joy/relief that you get while sporting the Orange headband!  I used to say back in the triathlon days that the best part of racing was crossing the finish line.  With Tough Mudder however, there are so many more mental battles to overcome before you get your trophy!

Lactic acid burns aside, when do you overcome a legitimate fear in a marathon?  When does one physically help another in an ironman?  And where else do you shock your body via cold water and/or the voltage from a car battery?  That’s what makes finishing one so unique and special. Mental grit, camaraderie, and pride fuel the ultimate release of endorphins with which no other type of event can compete.

So that’s why we do it!  For the Tough Mudder high!  Best of all, no equipment or special gear is needed!  If you have grit, determination, and an adventurous spirit then sign up!  You will have moments of self-doubt and discomfort, but you’ll never regret it!

But you have to smile for the cameras!


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