Time for Tuck's!

Published 05/03/2010
You know those crazy things that get talked about but never come to fruition?  The ones where people all say “yeah i’m in” but once the enthusiasm subsides, you all know it will never happen.  Well, it happened  Saturday.  I won’t lie; I was not very persistent after originally bringing up the prospect of hiking up to Tuckerman Ravine for a :10-20 run, but when Cousin Jim resurrected the idea, I couldn’t back out.  The best way to describe the day would be grueling but worthwhile.  It went down like this:
  • 3 hr drive from Boston
  • Set up the packs and adjust for comfort x 2-3

The Crew:

Jim, Tim, Brian

  • Haul ass up to the “bowl” 

The Trail:

the pack


snow covering the trail early in the hike

  • Walk past several rangers trying to talk us out of riding.  They were very kind, understanding and knew we (like a couple hundred others) weren’t carrying our gear for a good workout (well…at least not the main reason)

Worth zooming in to read this: Ice will kill you!

The Run:

Earnin it

  • After a 3 hr hike up a moderate trail, the legs burnt every step of the way up the slope.  Pledges were made never to complain about lift lines in between panting and some off color comments.  Was this what it was all about?  Nah, but it’s a reason to carry some heavy stuff in the woods and hang out on a beautiful Saturday. 

Cool down = sippin on some sunshine.

Oh yeah, then load up the packs and haul ass back.

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