Tough Mudder Great Northeast Review

Published 09/02/2014

My 11th Tough Mudder experience was definitely the most comfortable and enjoyable one yet!  Our group, Los Neuty Osos, was a little beaten up from a long season on the hill, so we made a group decision to to take our time and enjoy a perfect day in Maine!  Here’s how it went down:

After taking the oath we ran the perimeter of a few par 4s until we hit Kiss of Mud.  I got to untangle my Dad and have a brief conversation about crawling technique:

Mud mile was pretty worn down so the muddy walls weren’t tall but the mud was definitely thick and soupy.  Pitfall and Quagmire were pretty weak.  As an aside; I love Big Mudder, but I feel like she’s getting a little soft…

The Osos showed their strength and skills at Funky Monkey.  The best part of the video is my Dad’s face and frozen upper body after he finishes!

Props goes to Courtney for gutting out 5 miles after her painful dismount at the Monkey Bars.  That definitely hurt, but she kept moving!

Once again we cleared the Berlin Walls like a well-oiled machine!  Thanks to the “flyers” and “basemen” for their help!

Walk the Plank was a little less dramatic than Mount Snow, but just as fun!  After that, Trench Warfare was nice to see back on the course.

We had a blast at Pyramid Scheme as always!  Here’s the after photo:

Muddy and Happy!

Muddy and Happy!

Glory blades and Pole Dancer barely slowed us down.  We all saved our shoulders by activating our lats on the Poles.

I took it easy on the Warrior Carry with my brother, Tom!  As you can see, we hardly look alike:

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake!

Just as it was getting a little warm, we got to cool off at the Arctic Enema.  The First Laidy and I went together for the dip:

I’m a big fan of Balls to the Wall!  It’s way harder than it looks!

The Great Northeast’s version of Cliffhanger was steep, slick and muddy.  Nice job!

Thank god Everest was back!  It’s definitely my favorite!

It was really cool to have the whole team on top of the platform together!



After a nice time at the Legionnaire’s Loop, we linked up and “got our grips” to hold strong at Electroshock Therapy.  Apparently the Dude doing play-by-play wasn’t there when 38 of us held together at Mount Snow!

This photo captures the moment well:

Clearly a "Little Off!"

Clearly a “Little Off!”

Overall, this was an awesome event as usual!  I do have to admit that they’re getting a bit more user-friendly, but no less enjoyable!  Thanks again to my team, Los Neuty Osos, for a great time on the course and off the course!  The obstacles are fun, but it’s sharing the experience with friends and family that make these events so awesome!

Thanks to The Frog & Turtle for an awesome celebratory meal!

Rock ON!

Rock ON!


Men – 16

Women – 5

1st Timers – 7

Legionnaires – 14

Married couples – 3

McGowans – 5

Oldest – 58

Youngest  – 22

Average age – relatively old

Lifetime memories – unknown!

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