Transforming for the Long-Run: Crystal’s Story

Published 09/06/2018

In addition to learning about herself mentally and physically, our client Crystal rocked our 4-Week TransforMISSION with 7 pounds of weight loss, muscle gain and insight into what keeps her accountable! Shes explains what makes our program different from other transformation challenges she’s tried in this Q&A.

What made you commit to the 4-week TransforMISSION?

I had been attending classes at LbF for a little over a month when I heard about the TransforMISSION. The fact that the TransforMISSION offered unlimited classes was definitely appealing, especially because I was struggling to stay motivated exercising on my own. Knowing that there would be a whole group of people working towards their goals along with me made me commit!

What separates the LbF TransforMISSION from other transformation challenges you’ve done in the past?

I’ve done a bunch of online, self-motivated transformation challenges in that past and I’d always start out strong, but fizzle out towards the end or even halfway through. Having a set routine with the group classes at LbF definitely helped to keep me motivated. The schedule is super convenient and has eliminated any excuses for me skip a workout, either before or after work.  

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

One thing the TransforMISSION emphasized was slow movement like walking, which I really loved. I also loved having a mentor. It was great to have a veteran LbFer to answer questions, check on my progress and provide motivation. My mentor Sandy is awesome!

What was the greatest health benefit that you personally experienced from the challenge?

This is the toughest question because I feel like I’ve gained so many benefits from this challenge. Physically, I’ve lost body fat and gained strength. Mentally, I’m more aware of how certain things affect me, like what I eat or how much I sleep. Socially, the members at LbF are amazing. Everyone roots for each other and is so encouraging! My mindset is totally reinvigorated – I know how strong I am and that I can do hard things now. 

Has your view of health/fitness/nutrition changed since the TransforMISSION? How so?

The TransforMISSION made me realize that health and fitness is not about a single end result or goal – it’s about how you live your life. It sounds corny, but it really is about the journey and not the destination and it’s important to set little goals along the way. No matter what happens, if you have a bad day or a rough week, it’s important to pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. You’ll reach all of the little goals and they will add up.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I would recommend LbF and the TransforMISSION to everyone, especially anyone who’s looking to get a jumpstart on their fitness goals. The workouts can definitely be challenging, but they’re adjustable for every fitness level. LbF truly has a laid-back atmosphere where you can test your limits with no pressure and lots of encouragement from fellow members and instructors. I’m looking forward to continuing my fit journey at LbF and crushing more goals!

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