Uphill Bike Ride + Kettlebell Schooling

Published 07/26/2010

Biking is boring so here’s another twofer post.  Thursday marked the last real bike ride before theBlock Island Triathlon.  In recognition of a need for climbing practice, I ventured to the hills ofNarragansett Parkway.  These are little babies compared to what I’ll find on the course, but are perfect for a hill repeat session. 

  • Warmup – 10 min of mixed intensity pedaling and POSE practice
  • Main – 10x hill sprints.  Each lasted 0:30 +/- with about 1 min rest between.  These were all-out, quad-burning efforts.
  • Cool – 10 min easy

On to the more fun and exciting experience as pupil to a kettlebell master…

Saturday’s forecast was unstable at best and I just didn’t feel like rubbing elbows with the weekend warriors at the gym.  Fortunately, I live close to a kettlebell connoisseur at kettlebella.  It’d been about a year since my last class but I’ve used KBs pretty consistently thanks to Michaela’s influence.  Without divulging any trade secrets, I’ll just say Saturday’s class was a combination of ballistic and griding intervals that more than met my goals for the weekend metcon.  I always get my money’s worth at these classes; not just for the “killer workout” but also for the exposure of ever-present (yet sometimes hard to find) weaknesses.  In this case, pinpointing these weaknesses is very easy given the acute soreness reminding me where I “missed” in my training.  It’s not that I’m sore in muscles I didn’t know I had, just in ones I kinda forgot about.  Once again this is more good feedback to document in the journal (as seen in video on 7/14 post).

PWO – Rhody’s finest omelette.  All local ingredients went into this bad boy.  Shout out to Harmony Hill Farm for the delicious eggs and Pat’s Pastured for the rediculous sausage.  Veggies and salsa were from other vendors at this farmers market.


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