Week in Review + Hardest Pushups I've Ever Done!

Published 08/07/2011

Tuesday’s Indoor Session at the LbF Exercise Playground

WU: 16 kg KB complex, then 70 lb DB snatch/push press/strict press complex.  The KB complex has been a staple for a while and can be seen below.  The shoulder warmup idea I got from this guy

Worked some heavier stuff first with a superset version of: 32 kg KB swings and weighted pullups. 

Then some balance/bodyweight exercises: 40lb weighted balance beam pushups and 50 lb weighted balance beam pistols.  These were the most difficult pushups I’ve ever done!  Not just for the raw upper body pushing strength needed, but also when setting up for my second set, I fell off the beam sideways and crashed on the floor.  Anyways, one of my goals for a while has been to hold a planche.  I’ll be using these bad boys as part of that training for sure:

Thursday brought me back to Neutaconkanut Hill Park with the Bold R Dash team!  This place is absolute gold!  We’ve had a bunch of good ones here and Thursday was no exception.  We ran up/down/around the steep 200′ of elevation gain several times at varying intensities and threw in some obstacle training as well.  You’ll see more posts about this place throughout the seasons.  Although I never want Summer to end, I am looking forward to the uphill sprint/snowboard down WOD’s this winter!

Saturday was time for play and networking at Brown St Park!  It’s crazy that just in Providence alone, there are so many places to get quality workouts in.  Now that Tough Mudder Tri State is within the 3 month radar, I’ll have everything I need for prep in the Renaissance City.  One of the side benefits of having the primal/movnat/adventure race influence is finding ways to use your surroundings for exercise.  With a baseline level of fitness, a solid understanding of safe and efficient movement, and a little creativity, the world if your fitness playground!  And that’s what I did with a few fellow monkeys in training and eventually met a local parkour group.  Sweet summertime serendipity!

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