Week in Review: Short, Sweet & Cold!

Published 12/13/2010

After a disappointing showing last time, I still felt I had something off which to build.  Although only a couple workouts were fit in (plenty if you ask me), both were of much greater quality.  Here’s how a little over one hour of my week was spent exercising:

Tuesday at BFC

Warmup – random acts of joint mobility and active stretching

RDL – 135×5,5,5

Snatch to OH Squat – 135×5,5,5

Superset of the following with a 40lb weighted vest

Pushups on parallettes with feet elevated on bench – 5,5,4

Pullups – 5,4,2

Sweating by 5:00, out by 30:00.

Thursday’s freestyling  below freezing sprint WOD:

Warmup – crank up the heat in the car and gaze ambivalently towards dimly lit running track ~ 5 min…then 1/2 mile of POSE drills, shuffling, power skips, high knees, butt kicks, “build sprints”, etc.

All out sprint efforts  for 80-100m x 6.  Muscle ups on pull up bar 2 reps x 3 sets (blaming the low # of reps on my gloves), all out grassy hill sprints (aka pork chops) x2 (or 3?), pushing the one man sled across the frozen tundra for 30 yds x2, some incline balance beam practice, playing around on the monkey bars, then a finale of back to back 100 yd sprints with :05 rest between. 

30 min start to finish.  Temperature upon exit = 26 degrees F. 

That’s all folks.  It’s tough to get the motor warm in the winter/holiday season.  So get in, get out, and keep it clean during the week.   Unfortunately, scenes like the one below are still a few moons away…

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