Week in Review: Swimming, Biking, Handstands

Published 08/25/2011

Indoor skill development session:

Warmed up with a bunch of different movements and a kettlebell complex. 

Then hit some tough balance-oriented strength moves:

Walk-out HSPU with TRX

Single leg DL with 16kg KB on Balance beam

Sweet tan lines bro.

Saturday’s beach adventure with Timmy D:

Met up with an ole college friend at Narragansett Town Beach.  Nothing specific was on the agenda.  We ended up swimming sideways across narrow river, throwing rocks, doing a little skeet shooting with flat rocks as targets, jumping from rock to rock on our way out to the point at the eastern edge of the beach, and then I swam back to shore from there.  The swim was nice because it was semi-risky since I needed to get beyond a few really big rocks where the waves crash without mercy.  I knew I had time but still got a little adrenaline shot while swimming by.

Sunday’s angel swim and mountain biking:

Did some more swimming early Sunday am at the Embrace the Race triathlon.  This was an all women event geared mostly towards newbies.  I got new perspective swimming along side Deb for the first leg of her event.  While being passed by some of the faster women, several of them excused themselves, offered words of encouragement, and apologized for slapping or kicking me!  Usually all I hear while swimming is my own breathing and the occassional thump from a collision.  This experience was quite refreshing!

After the swim it was time for me to get on my bike at the trails of Burlingame in Charlestown.  The Do it in the Woods Tri is going to be held here so I figured I’d get in some practice  on the mountain bike.  If you’ve read this for a while then you know I don’t like biking and as a result, am pretty bad at it.  Well, mountain biking is no exception!  It was a humbling and painful experience!  Probably spent 1/3 of the time carrying my bike or pushing it off me while on my back!  I will return however, and at the very least, a little more prepared for the course.

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