Winter Is Definitely Still the Theme!

Published 02/03/2011

No doubt about it!  And by the looks of it, I’m not banking on P. Phil’s prediction.  In between some serious shoveling, there was one day I felt fresh enough to hit some heavy lifting indoors. 

First off, shoveling is excellent exercise.  The only thing is, I cringe when watching people hunched over/borderline cardiac episode going at it.  Especially lately, with the exception of thegraupel we got last night, the snow’s been heavy this year.  So remember folks, whenever exerting yourself always practice proper lifting technique…

Since the homemade squat rack I’m planning on making for BFC is not ready, I used a guest pass to the old stomping grounds at Kent County YMCA.  Here we go:

Warmup – joint mobility circuit, walking lunges, over/unders, OH Squats x 45lb, pullups, then two rounds of clean to press to back squat jumps x 5 @135lbs.

Then in a slow superset fashion, hit the following so I ended up resting 5 min between sets of the same movement.  That is a set of pullups, rest 2 min +/-, set of squats, rest 2 min+/-, set of pullups…This allowed me to be efficient with heavier sets without being there for 2 hrs.

Weighted chinups 70lb x 3, 3, 3, 3

Back squats 275×3, 285×3, 295×3, 305×3

Bonus round = pushup/windmill combo with dumbells 10x8ea, 15x5ea, then with feet elevated on bench 10x5ea.  I’ll put together a video for this soon.  Awesome core combo.

That’s it.  3 movements for a total of 11 sets.  Total time with warmup and cool down = 50 min.


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