Working Hard, Hardly Working (Out)

Published 09/17/2011

A wise woman recently told me to give someone “the gift of time.”  Talk about a meaningful sacrifice!  Which is why it means much more than anything tangible IMO.  Having said that, I could really use an extra couple weeks these days…I haven’t had a planned “workout” in almost one month and my days as a single man are dangerously numbered.  However, as you’ve read here before, through healthy eating, IF, play, and the occassional skill practice, I’m feeling a lot less squishy than expected!

So what has been going on?

LbF Open House Construction Prep – the last year of construction experience in the field keeps paying dividends.  The studio is complete and completely ready for show!  Swing by on Monday 9/26 between 8a-12p or 3p-8p! 

Skill Practice – In between clients, construction and coordination, I’ve been messing around with planches, handstands, balance boards, and most recently caster boards.  The new residential digs are 1/2 mi from the new studio so this will be my mode of transportation to work in the fall.  Seriously!

Tabata Sprints – There was one day a few weeks ago when I got in some traditional exercise.  After a day of introducing a few clients to Mr. Tabata (talk about ignorance being bliss!), I decided to partake as well in order to avoid being categorized strictly as sadistic.  Short, sweet, and brutal – kinda like yours truly!

Burlington – holy crap what a pleasant surprise a recent impromptu visit to this city was!  Some of my close bros and I camped on Lake Champlain and definitely got in our share of primal/movnat/sensible indulgence reps.  Some of the highlights include: lots of barefoot walking/hiking/rock climbing, cliff jumping, balancing/jumping on and through fallen trees courtesy of Irene, open water swimming, obstacle course making, etc.

Demolition + Yard Work – Oh and I forgot to mention, in addition to the wedding planning andstudio renovating, LL and I are relocating!  Although our new place is turnkey, it’s not yet suitable for the bride.  So over the next couple weeks we’ll be patching and painting, demolishing and rebuilding, countertoping, flooring, and eventually moving!

In conclusion,  as you may be aware I take myself very seriously and am quite profound and artistic.  I’ve created the video below as a metaphor for life at the present time.  I call it “Life, Currently.”  Enjoy!

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