You Can Squat Like This or You Can Squat Like That

Published 07/21/2010

Had to switch from OH to Front Squats due to some shoulder discomfort on Monday.  Everything else was feeling good so I wasn’t about to pull the plug.  At 22 hrs fasted, here’s what I threw down:

  • Classic warmup – CFWU x 1, one mixed bag lap around a 200m track with walking lunges, shuffles, high knees/butt kicks, sprint “builds”
  • Snatch – OH Squat 95×5, 5, 115×5, 135×5, 5, 145×2.  Compare this to 5/13 and you can see I was not as snappy as before and I seem to be leaning back more this time on the snatch.  The OH squat part looks about the same.
  • Clean – Front Squat 155×5, 175×5, 185×5.  This way I could still work the core and the quads with more weight.  Less emphasis on stability but still the most practical substitute at the time.  Compare this to 6/11 WOD and you can see the clean part got worse but the squat part got slightly better with depth and acceleration of the weight.  Makes sense given that this was my 7th set of the day vs my 4th last month.
  • 2 round superset of: GHRx15, Dipsx15, GHD Situpsx15
  • Bonus round = plank pushupsx10

All of the above observations will be noted in my red book for the next snatch or OH squat session.  The strange looks I get when I whip out the camera in the gym are worthwhile given the information I can gather and analyze. 

On another note, I can also conclude that I had pretty good days on 5/13 and 6/11 compared to 7/19.  Most likely because those were Friday and Thursday WODs respectively which meant some really clean eating and solid recovery leading up.  Monday WODs are hit-or-miss depending on the weekend.  This weekend’s nutrition was actually pretty decent but I don’t think I had fully recovered from the swim across the bay on Saturday and the tree climbing/cutting adventure on Sunday. 

Know what I’m sayin…


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