Ninja Competition!

UNAA Area Qualifier

1/30/16 at 12pm


Our first Ninja competition was a blast!  We had 22 athletes from all over the Northeast come down to the Jungle to test their skills!

Stage 1 Obstacles

Quad steps, wreck bag carry/balance/throw/precision jump, swinging monkey bars, stump jump, rope swing to wall traverse, Tarzan swing, lache bars to spider web.

Fastest time - Joe "the weatherman" Moravsky 1:26


Stage 2 Obstacles

Destroyer, rope swing to devil steps, ring toss, ring traverse to peg traverse, flying nunchucks to unstable bridge, driftwood marine hurdle, tower climb.

Fastest time - Zak Champagne

Stage 3 Obstacles

Salmon ladder, devil steps, trailer hitch graspers, up/over platform, warped wall rope swing to target, stump jump to rope swing to wall traverse, pipe traverse to stumps, floating doors, wreck bag balance/carry/throw/precision jump, peg board, cliffhanger, stump jump to spider web.

Fastest time (and only finisher) - Joe Moravsky 4:24