Personal Training

We work in a private environment to help people improve their physical health.  Our clients range from athletes to average Joe's to the senior class looking to thrive in their golden years! No matter who you are, we work together to make movement fun and useful "outside of the gym." 


60 min sessions          30 min sessions

1 - $85/session                                            1 - $45/session

10 - $79/session                                          10 - $40/session

20 - $75/session                                          20 - $35/session


Eat, move, play and rest as humans were programmed (with compromises made based on one’s hobbies and personal priorities).

Goals for clients:

Improve body composition, develop more agility and athleticism, and increase mindfulness with all means to the end goal of the highest quality of life for as long as possible!


Establish/improve healthy eating habits preferably from local and natural sources, guide clients through challenging and practical workouts, and teach “skill” of natural movement techniques with emphasis on safe and efficient form.

Referral Program:

  • Free Personal Training Session if your referral purchases a Personal Training Package!
  • Free Group Exercise Class if your referral purchases a Group Exercise Package!
  • Free Week of Group Exercise Classes if your referral purchases a Group Exercise Monthly Membership!