30 Day Primal Challenge!

1/16 - 2/14/23


Weekly small group sessions with your cohort

Unlimited group classes

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What’s “primal” anyways? In technical terms, the Primal Blueprint is a lifestyle approach that embraces eating, exercising, sleeping, playing and enjoying life like our ancestors. This means embracing whole, foods as close to their natural state as possible, and ditching processed, sugary, refined grains, legumes, trans and hydrogenated fats and high-risk conventional meat and produce.

To share the gift of primal living, we created the Primal Challenge, a 30 day program that establishes effective lifestyle habits to help friends, clients and family members eat better, move smarter and improve total health!

Here’s what some of our recent participants had to say:
"After doing the Primal Challenge, I feel energized and motivated! I lost 5 pounds, shed 11.5 inches and got stronger and faster! I also learned that it's a simple way to meet healthy lifestyle goals and you feel better mentally and physically by the time the challenge is done! Makes you want to keep going!” – Alison O

"I feel energized and more alert! I lost 3 pounds, shed 5.5 inches and got stronger and faster! I also learned that I could go almost a whole day without eating and still feel well rested and ready to take on a challenging workout! I always thought I was a good, careful eater but this challenge made me realize I could improve. I highly recommend the primal challenge for anyone who wants to sleep, move, and feel healthier.” – Mary C

“I feel amazing! I lost 1 pound, but shed 3.125 inches and got stronger and faster! I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is considering changing up their daily habits. I enjoyed taking the time to take in some sunshine every day and to stop and take time for myself. I will continue to eat Paleo even though the challenge is complete (with my simple indulgences of course).” – Liz H