Adult Program

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We are fortunate to have an awesome community of supportive people! Our program is designed to challenge all levels to become stronger and more resilient while having fun! While our atmosphere is loose, we take our ability to perform seriously and our members work hard to make themselves better! 

No matter what class we're doing, they start the same...

We mobilize with a series of movements from various systems to get your blood flowing and muscles ready for action.

We train your brain by practicing a skill to get your central nervous system primed.

Then things change based on the class...

Strength - Mondays and Fridays

We exert/resist force, create tension and build strength from head to toe with variations of the deadlift, press, squat, and pullup. By "super-setting" non-competing muscle groups, we allow for sufficient rest to ensure maximum power output. Our "finale" promises to leave you feeling strong to the core!

Resilience - Tuesdays and Thursdays

We get after it with a 3-5 movement "combo" circuit to increase your VO2 max, endurance, and mental strength! These classes feature a blend of kettlebells, movnat, animal flow, plyometrics, and more!

Conditioning - Wednesdays and Saturdays

A strength and resilience hybrid, we crush it with a 3 movement "combo" circuit utilizing kettlebells and bodyweight to build strength and endurance at the same time!

Obstacle Conditioning - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Get your ninja on and ready for your next Tough MudderBoldrDashSpartan Race, etc. by practicing the skills you’ll need on our obstacles! We get after it like our resilience class but emphasize movnat and parkour techniques that are applicable to these events. These classes are so much fun that they fly by and barely feel like a workout…until the next day!

They all end with a bang!

We finish strong with a quick and all-out set or combo!

We then cool down with a few more easy movements before we send you on your way to crush the rest of the day!