Our Team

Ryan McGowan

Our founder is a former athlete and endurance junky turned Primal. In March 2009, he stumbled across an article that rocked his world. After reading (and re-reading) this convincing piece, he reduced his training significantly, altered his eating style, and became healthier and fitter than ever!  Inspired by this way of living, combined with a growing disenchantment with the commercial construction industry, Ryan walked away from his career to pursue his passion full time in 2010!  His engineering brain still gets stimulation through analyzing mechanics of human movement, designing practical training regimens, and building fun and new equipment and NINJA rigs to play on!  

When it comes to training, Ryan is a minimalist!  He prides himself on creating efficient programs for his clients (and teammates) so they can participate in events of any distance with the least amount of time and mileage investment.  He is a Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer, Level 1 Kettlebell Athletics Instructor, Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor, and won Providence Journal's Readers' Choice Award for Best Personal Trainer in 2017!  

As far as helping his clients become healthier and improve their body composition, Ryan shares with them the Weston Price and the Primal Blueprint guidelines for nutrition.  He also encourages his clients to participate in events to put their skills and fitness levels to the test. 

To hear Ryan discuss his story and our approach at LbF, check him out on the Realistic Podcast!


Eddie O'Farrill

Certification: ACSM-CPT, FMS, CPR

Hobbies: FAMILY first, fitness, watching/going to sporting events, and enjoy cooking!

Specialist in: Body building, Sport specific conditioning, Functional training/corrective exercise, Strength and conditioning, Group fitness.

Eddie's passion for fitness started at the young age of 14 after being picked on for being overweight and he decided to do something about it. Eddie learned a variety of skills and training styles through his hands on experience of over 15 years. He holds a wide range of sport & fitness experience and knowledge derived from his time as a track athlete, collegiate football player, experiences in various MMA styles, and bodybuilding. Some of his recent accomplishments include graduating at the top of his Personal Fitness Trainer class at MTTI and becoming an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM-CPT). Eddie’s mission is to help you reach your goal in becoming the best self you can be. We can reach your goals together with a combination of will power, motivation, knowledge, a little tough love, with a lot of fun.

Philosophy: “I coach people and train habits.” If you’re putting in the work, then make it count!


Chris Jardin

One of the original "basement members," Chris has evolved from client to teammate to business partner!  While expanding his knowledge and competency in the MovNat system, Chris has earned his Level 1 and 2 certifications as a MovNat certified trainer!  He is a 5-time Tough Mudder and has done several other events such as Bone Frog, Bold r Dash, Tuff Scrambers, Urban Mudder, and more!

When he's not teaching MovNat techniques in our OCR Skills classes, he's managing his chickens, ducks, and pigs at Jardin Farm which is home to the Laid-back Forest!  Chris has been instrumental in the growth of LbF and is an extremely valuable resource to the LbF crew, Los Neuty Osos, and all of our clients!