10/7 - 10/8/17!

Camp JORi

1065 Wordens Pond Road

Wakefield, RI

We are extremely pumped to announce our Inaugural ObstaCamp! This has been in the making for over a year now and you can bet we are doing it up laid-back style! Appropriate for all ages and abilities (you don't even have to race), ObstaCamp is perfect for families, obstacle newbies, and OCR enthusiasts!


Rough Schedule of Events:

Saturday 10/7

  • 1130am Gates Open

  • 12pm Registration

  • 12-6pm Open Games and Ninja Challenges by Super Fun Activities Club and LbF

  • 1-4pm Kids Open Course

  • 4-6pm Teen and Adult Open Course

  • 6pm Cookout, Music, Fire!

  • 9pm Glow in the Dark Dodgeball Tournament!

  • TBD Twilight Run

Sunday 10/8

  • 700am Coffee
  • 830am Mobility Warmup
  • 930-11am Obstacle Skills Workshop
  • 930-11am Spike Ball Tournament
  • 1130am Brunch
  • 1pm Camp Dismissall


Early Bird Pricing (effective til 9/15/17)

Note: day passes include racing, games/challenges, dinner, entertainment, and a t-shirt. Overnight passes include the day pass as well as camping/lodging the obstacle skills workshop and lunch on Sunday.

  • Kid Day Pass* - $29 (save $10!)
  • Parent Pass* - $20 (includes food only. save $10!)
  • Adult Day Pass - $49 (save $15!)
  • Adult Overnight Pass w/ Camp Site - $99 (save 25! Includes 1 kid for FREE!)
  • Adult Overnight Pass w/ Cabin - $149 (save 25! Includes 1 kid for FREE!)
  • Couples Overnight Pass w/ Camp Site - $199 (save $50! Includes 2 kids for FREE!)
  • Couples Overnight Pass w/ Cabin - $249 (save $50! Includes 2 kids for FREE!)



*My kid wants to do this but I'm not interested. How does that work?

  • No sweat! You just have to be there with your kid and buy a parent pass for $20 which includes food.

How long is the course?

  • Approximately 1 mile. Expected lap times 10-25 minutes.

How many obstacles?

  • Approximately 10-ish.

How many times can I run the course?

  • As many times as you'd like in the allotted time slots.

Obstacles scare me. Can I just chill or do I have to race?

  • Dude, you don't have to race, but it'd be a lot cooler if you did! 

What's the cabin situation?

  • Just like back in the day at camp, cabins are open and accommodate groups of 8-12. You will be grouped together with other obstacampers in your cabin. Ask about group discounts and ways to reserve an entire cabin for just your group!