Our Blog Archives for August of 2012

Clams Zuppa

Published 08/29/2012

A while ago we went to dinner at this little byob right near the new studio and had an amazing meal made with seafood and tomatoes! There was just something about these tomatoes that made them special so when the chef came to our table to see how our meal was he explained that he roasted them for hours before putting them into our dinner!! So since our garden’s been producing lately I thought I would copy his idea and roast some of our tomatoes! I took 4 ripe better boy tomatoes and cut them in half or into thick (1″ or more) sections, placed them on wax paper on a cookie sheet then added olive oil, salt, pepper and some garlic over them. Baked these babies in the oven at 220 degrees for 3 hours.

Saving the Bay with Laurie Magellan

Published 08/30/2012

Lost in the chaos of the relocation project was the Save the Bay Swim! This is typically myfavorite event of the summer! Usually my father “spots” me in a kayak, but since he couldn’t be pried away from Block Island, I was fortunate enough to utilize the First Laidy’s nautical prowess as a backup plan! Here’s a quick video of the early part of the swim.