Our Blog Archives for November of 2012

First Laidy's Food Diary

Published 11/05/2012

So Ryan and I often get asked what we eat on a regular day. So I figured I would put my typical day of food out there along with some different snacks you could have!

Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Do A Mud Run

Published 11/09/2012

Mud Runs are all the rage right now! That’s because (among many reasons) they’re so much more fun than your typical road race and demand a more balanced and adaptive body! I’m not poo-pooing the pavement-pounders out there. In fact, I respect all people who make an effort to improve themselves. I’m just saying, if you’re going to train for an event, I find it a better use of one’s time to pick one that requires more than just running (and/or swimming and/or cycling) in a straight line.

Steamed Eggs?

Published 11/14/2012

Although a (flawed) fairly recent study tried to demonize them, I’m a huge fan of hardboiledeggs! They’re one of the few convenient health foods out there! However, they’re a pain in the ass to peel (especially the fresh ones)! Lucky for our readers, you subscribe to the lazy folks’ guide to healthy living. Credit goes out to Sherri Brodeur of Brodeur Family Chiro for bringing this recipe to our attention.