Our Blog Archives for June of 2010

Reality Check at Crossfit Providence

Published 06/08/2010

Thanks to the wonders of facebook, I found out about a fundraiser workout for the Wounded Warrior Project held at my old gym, CFP. It’s been 7 months sinced I’ve worked out with the group and I went in assuming I would be humbled by the fire-breathers with whom I used to compete. The WOD = 300. Damn! I was familiar with this one but I hadn’t done it since my time at Bally’s over two years ago. (Side note: I used to do this on Saturday mornings to show off and try to get people to sign up with me. It didn’t work because I had to concentrate on keeping down my breakfast and couldn’t do any “prospecting”. Back then my times were between 22-30 minutes). For those unfamiliar with 300, it’s a badass war movie featuring King Leonidas. The cast did this workout to get ready for all the ab shots.

Sandbagging S.O.B.

Published 06/09/2010

With a satellite garden to tend on a beautiful Monday afternoon, I headed to the 2nd home in West Greenwich, RI for a quick metcon.  Equipment needed: open space + sandbag.  Here we go: Warmup – walking lunges, walking knee-to-chestys, pushups, prisoner squats, 5 min run Main – 5 rounds for time with 50 lbs of sand...

One Word: Tabata

Published 06/10/2010

I can’t believe I haven’t done a tabata routine since starting this thing!  It’s a lot of warmup for not a lot of exercise; another example of the intensity vs. volume paradigm.  Warmup – modified crossfit warmup of OH Squats, pushups, pullups, dips, GHR, GHD Situps.  Then CFE warmup with POSE drills Tabata sprints – 8x (20 sec on,...

Slosh Tubin at the Beach

Published 06/16/2010

There is nothing better than a Rhode Island summer! Working locally on Monday provided no better time for the first beach WOD of 2010. Busted out the slosh tube, a 16 kg kettlebell, and a post-it with the metcon du jour.