Reality Check at Crossfit Providence

Published 06/08/2010

Thanks to the wonders of facebook, I found out about a fundraiser workout for the Wounded Warrior Project held at my old gym, CFP.  It’s been 7 months sinced I’ve worked out with the group and I went in assuming I would be humbled by the fire-breathers with whom I used to compete.  The WOD = 300.  Damn!  I was familiar with this one but I hadn’t done it since my time at Bally’s over two years ago.  (Side note:  I used to do this on Saturday mornings to show off and try to get people to sign up with me.  It didn’t work because I had to concentrate on keeping down my breakfast and couldn’t do any “prospecting”.  Back then my times were between 22-30 minutes).  For those unfamiliar with 300, it’s a badass war movie featuring King Leonidas.  The cast did this workout to get ready for all the ab shots.

For time:

25 pullups

50 deadlift x 135 lb

50 pushups

50 box jumps @ 24″

50 floor wipers

50 clean and press with 16 kg KB

25 pullups

18:15 rx.  Except I think I only get credit for 25 floor wipers.  Since everyone else was doing the one-for-one rep, I figured I would do the same in the spirit of competition.  My time was right up there on the board with the hardcore crossfitters but not the fastest.  In the end I’d say it was a respectable showing and I’m encouraged that I was able to hold my own after working out solo for so long.  However, I can’t deny there is definitely more incentive and motivation when working out with a group.  Crossfit has a good thing going and I really enjoyed being back in that environment.  Anyone need a workout partner?

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Posted by samnayeem on 07/15/2019

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