Our Blog Archives for December of 2010

Half an Hour of Humility

Published 12/05/2010

Warmup – 4-5 min joint mobility circuit then a couple rounds of: walking lunges (forward then reverse), kb swings, inchworms, kb clean and press, burpees Squat Clean and Press 135×5, 5, 5 Dips 3 x15 (last two sets broken up) Pullups 3×10 (last two broken up) The notes I jotted down in book afterwards read “not an impressive effort.”...

Week in Review: Short, Sweet & Cold!

Published 12/13/2010

After a disappointing showing last time, I still felt I had something off which to build. Although only a couple WOD’s were fit in (plenty if you ask me), both were of much greater quality. Here’s how a little over one hour of my week was spent exercising:

Sport-specific Training - Winter Edition

Published 12/28/2010

Winter is officially here now! Usually this means a combination of gym time, chlorine ingestion, treadmills and spinning bikes until Spring. This year however, will be different. Instead of an “off season” triathlon training regimen, this winter will be focused on “in season” snowboarding training. I believe the primal way is universal, and instead of swimming, biking, and running all year round, I want to stay in the present and make myself a stronger rider. Snowboarding is a blast but can be even better if you can ride all out, all day. Plus, more strength and endurance means maximizing the investment that is a lift ticket nowadays.