Our Blog Archives for December of 2012

The Holidays Are Coming and Nobody Can Stop Them!

Published 12/03/2012

Most people would consider it a success if they maintained their current body composition until 1/2/13. Imagine how awesome life would be if you could still be comfortable in those same pants/jeans/boardshorts/etc. 4 weeks from now! Here’s our unconventional Holiday Damage Control Strategy (copyright Laid-back Fitness, LLC. These views may not be shared without the express written consent…) to keep the beach body for the Frozen Clam:

Chicken Stew

Published 12/11/2012

Ryan and I are part of a CSA that provides us with all natural, grass-fed beef and chicken and I love it all but sometimes I have to do some research in order to use it, this time it was stewing chicken!?!?! Exactly….. what the hell is that?

Spartan Fenway Review

Published 12/12/2012

A crossfit workout with an obstacle race feel. Spartan Fenway was cool because of the setting and overall a good time. Since I’m an adventure race snob I’ll say it required fitness but not much toughness. Here’s how it went down:

Homemade Irish Cream

Published 12/15/2012

Want to be a hit at your holiday party? Make this amazing and indulgent treat and bring it as a gift for the host! Hopefully they open it up right then for all to enjoy!

This Is Why I Train - Neuty Ridin

Published 12/30/2012

I’ve written about this before; the side benefits of training for an adaptive body able to perform spontaneously or when the situation presents itself. Well, what better way to embrace Winter with (Tough Mudders aside) my best workout of 2012!