Our Blog Archives for May of 2012

Double Shot of New England Mud

Published 05/08/2012

Cinco de Muddo weekend was the greatest in LbF’s storied history! Starting 4 months ago, about a dozen aspiring Mudders met weekly at the hills and playgrounds of Providence. In the end, the survivors of the program all successfully completed Tough Mudder New England #1!

Making Meatballs, Making Meatballs

Published 05/09/2012

YES… I have been a slacker for this past month and have not posted anything! Lately Ryan has been cooking most meals and when I do make a meal it’s probably boring or something that you have seen before! So I figured I would make it up to everyone by posting one of the most delicious meatballs recipes I know!

First Laidy's Couch to 5k Experiment

Published 05/22/2012

I’m not really a couch person but you get the idea…a while ago Ryan asked me if I would participate in a 5k. I’m not into events – they’re just not my thing. Not to mention I hate running. I DO NOT RUN. I HATE RUNNING. Anyway, he wanted me to be his guinea pig; to run a racewithout actually doing much running at all to get ready for it. I eventually caved.

Yogging Without Yogging Case Study - Reach the Beach Relay

Published 05/23/2012

If I keep this up I’m not going to be able to classify myself as a “non-runner.” From the “seemed like a good idea at the time” file, late last week I found myself packing for a weekend of running, driving, spectating, beer-drinking, and power-napping that was the Massachusetts Reach the Beach Relay! It had its ups and downs but overall was a good time and I’ll probably do it again.