Being Active Without "Exercise"

Published 02/24/2012

Although it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me (which is no surprise to the founding followers), the first laidy has not yet taken full control of “our” website.  So now that it’s my turn on the laptop, I give you the latest and greatest recap of my exercise-like activities:

Rope Climbing – Even before we moved in to the new digs, the rope climb was installed!  Since having more time on it, I’ve been able to try new ways to challenge my grip and pulling strength.  File this under the simple-not-easy or effective-not-fancy categories.  Some of the highlights are: max number of consecutive climbs – 3 so far; then a crossfit-esque wod – up/down the rope on the minute for max # minutes – 5 so far.  Below is a pic of the setup and a video of one of the first climbs:

Heavy Lifting – I have not been good at logging workouts in my book lately due to the completerandomness of their timing.  I haven’t done any reverse pyramids but I have done a few all-out efforts with “cold” muscles.  These include one-arm pushups, heavy deadlifts (377×4=new PR!), and some practice on the Sexy Challenge lifts.

The Sexy Challenge – this caught my eye  on facebook so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I hadn’t done: hip thrusts ever, incline press in several years, or RDLs much.  Front squats and chins are another story however.  Anyway, my first attempt yielded 90 reps using 165lbs.  Almost dead sexy!

Hill Climbing – as part of our Tough Mudder training, we’ve been getting intimately acquainted with Providence’s gem, aka Neautaconkanut Hill Park, aka Neuty.  Top to bottom is roughly a 200′ climb with varying pitches.  Without giving away all of our training secrets, we’ve been spending one hour/week walking/yogging/sprinting up this beast with logs, backwards, un-tasked, and with baby kettlebells!  It’s something even a typically motivated person wouldn’t do consistently with their Sundays but I’m happy to partake with an awesome group!

Commuting – sometimes I miss the comfort and security of a full-time salary position that a “real job” provides…that sentiment wanes when I walk, run, or ride my casterboard to work!  It’s only a half mile but long enough to think and move freely.  I’ve been trying to take advantage of this mild winter and commute in a green fashion whenever possible.

0.42 mile Time Trials – On days when I am feeling fresh, I run 84% of the way to work.  I mapped out a route I can take without stopping – 0.42 miles.  I’ve done this 3 times so far with my times coming in at 2:15, 2:12, and 2:05!  This is a great way to get ready for a session while practicing my POSE running technique.  I am finding that if I focus on high cadence and just picking my feet up, I am setup for a fast run.  My goal is to break 2:00 which would be a 4:45 minute mile pace.

Kettlebelling – still in love with these shapely, cast iron sculptures!  The LbF studio has added a 36 kg beast (we’re calling it Fat Man since it kinda looks like this).  I’ve yet to attempt the Real Deal KB Complex with this since I’m not quite ready, but look for a post in a few months featuring fat man.  In the meantime, I stole a workout from this guy on Youtube.  I decided to put my own little spin on it and do an unbalanced long cycle with some heavier kettlebells.  It looked like this:

If nothing else, check out 0:38-0:45.

Other – my one shot at snowboarding this year (outside of RI) was squashed when a bus trip to Mt Snow got cancelled.  I was pretty bummed but made the most of what turned out to be a beautiful spring day in mid February!  The piles of bricks and landscape pavers scattered about our yard taunted me no longer after I decided to spend a sunny afternoon playing mason!  The result was a raw strength (and endurance) workout of picking up and putting down heavy stuff while exercising my brain a little to design and craft a sweet fire pit! 





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