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Published 10/09/2013

From the First Laidy...

Hello all :) So I am sure most of you know by now but in case you don’t, it’s our 2 YearAnniversary!  Haha just kidding.  Actually it is but that’s not the big news…The First Laidy is KNOCKED UP!! Well it was on purpose but I like the term.  Anyway, I am a little over 17 weeks and feeling great!

Life hasn’t really changed too much except that I am always hungry and I’m carrying around a few extra lbs (luckily I am still in all of my clothes but probably not for much longer :( )! For some reason during my first trimester eggs did not agree with me which totally sucked because I was used to having raw yolks in my smoothies, or 2 steamed eggs as a snack, and on the weekend (or even sometimes during the week) a huge breakfast!

So I had to find something that would fill me up in the am that was still healthy and quick… well that was hard! All I craved was cereal!  I wanted it in the worst way but being that it’s not veryprimal, I had (well Ryan had) to figure something out!  Ezekiel cereal was put into my daily routine (I have to eat something as soon as I get up or I feel sick) mixed with either almond milk orRAW milk when we can get it. I know, I know what everyone must be thinking “you can’t have raw milk while you are pregnant!”  Well I have talked to my Dr. and I have been to the certified organic farm that we get it from and it’s fine! Plus these foods agree with the Weston Price Foundation’sphilosophy in which Ryan and I both believe.

My biggest concern in life lately is making sure that I have enough snacks/food to get me through my day… so I pack apples, bananas, veggies, eggs (second tri and I am good to go with eggs!!!), etc. for work.  I’ve also been craving a crunch so I have been making wraps using romaine as my “bread” with tuna/chicken/last night’s dinner (beef tacos – amazing) and it’s delish!!!!

So I’d also like to share my workout plan because yes, I am still working out about twice a week like I’ve always been.  I hope to keep doing this till I give birth! I’m sticking to what I know and am not introducing anything that I haven’t done before. I AM (occasionally) LIFTING heavy things, doing KETTELBELLS (I just go lighter if I’m feeling more winded than normal), and anything else I damn well please because I am pregnant – not hurt or broken.  Of course I’m making sure I pay attention to how my body is responding to the workouts; if it feels good then I keep going and if it doesn’t then I slow it down.  Luckily so far it’s been feeling great!!

In related news, I am really excited that we are going to start a “Laid-back Mamas” class at the end of this month!  I will be leading the way on this one as we’ve decided I’m a little more qualified!  We hope you know that any dads are welcome to come with their baby mamas and/or little ones as well (we just found the name more catchy ;) ). I feel like there are a lot of other mamas out there that want to keep active through their pregnancy (and/or soon after delivery) and I would love for you to come join me!

Cheers to love, the human body, and getting laid (-back)!


Yeah I don’t look quite like that anymore so I’m putting this here as motivation!


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