Here Goes Nothing!

Published 06/05/2012

I cannot believe it’s been almost three weeks and Warrior Dash is on Sunday!!  So I have said it a million times I hate to run and Ryan really took it easy on me as far as the running goes!  I have done basically no running except my one hour workout at Neuty that I did almost two weeks ago. BUT I have been walking pretty much twice a day for the past three weeks (even sometimes when it’s raining).

I have really tried hard to workout with him twice a week but of course there was a little slacking in there on my part! I did my version of a partial cleanse which involved Isagenix shakes and smoothies and a full meal at night; all while laying off the vino!!  I really did try hard to not drink vino but with three bridal showers in one weekend it was needed (just kidding ladies I love you and I was happy to be there!)!

I feel like I should be ready and I want to continue on this twice/week exercise routine with walking daily because honestly I feel great!  Sunday will be crazy but I am really excited!! Please wish me luck and pray that it will be nice out and I will not break anything! Who knows if I can do this maybe I’ll do Tough Mudder but please don’t hold me to it!!!


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