How to Get Sick 101...Then Getting My Mojo Back

Published 03/27/2013

Finally!  My body simply hasn’t felt the same since the great EuroTrip of 2013.  Perhaps it was an adverse reaction to all the carbs?  I can’t say for sure but I can say the prescription for getting sick would look something like this:

  • Change up your eating habits
  • Drink lots of caffeine and alcohol
  • Expose yourself to the cold elements for long periods at a time with inadequate gear
  • Expose yourself to billions of foreign germs in as many forms of public transportation as possible
  • Stay away from the Sun (since it didn’t seem to be out much)
  • Don’t sleep that much
  • Mess with your circadian rhythm by hitting up 3 different time zones in 11 days
  • As soon as you feel something coming on, work your ass off for as many days in a row as possible

That should do it!  I was admittedly disappointed with myself when I felt “something coming on” while flying back across the Atlantic.  So I did the right thing and rested up for a while.  Unfortunately, I underestimated the proper recovery time.  About a week after battling sickness, I chose to put my body through a myriad of immune testers:

And so again I received what I deserved…the dreaded setback!  I regressed and the cold came back with a vengeance!  Fast forward another 2 weeks of mostly wise recovery and I finally feel right again!  Since I haven’t posted a workout in a long time, here’s what went down for my second indoor workout in as many months:


MovNat Week 3 Day 1 – if you haven’t seen this I highly recommend it!  You’ll move your hips like Shakira after you’re through with the 4 weeks!  I’m on my second go ’round with it!


3 set circuit with these bad boys…

  • Rope Traverse – 3 sets x 1 “lap”
  • Pistols – 3 sets of 16 kg x 3 each
  • TGU to Windmill – 16 kg x 3 each, 20kg x 3 each, 24 kg x 3 each.  Which means someday if I keep practicing I’ll be as strong as this chick:


Real Deal Kettlebell Complex at 28kg.  I had to chalk up for this one since my forearms were seriously unreliable after the rope traversing.  Plus, I didn’t want to have another mirror incident…



In health and lessons learned!

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