Nobstaplunge for Funds

Published 01/08/2018

No grit, no pearl! When it comes to uncomfortable situations, we’re not ones to shy away. This New Year’s Day was no exception.

Record-breaking low temperatures and wind chills under -25 may have postponed (almost) every other outdoor New Year’s Day activity, but we braved the elements anyways.



Our annual Frozen Clam Dip and Obstaplunge — the only New Year’s Day plunge featuring an obstacle course — is near and dear to our heart. Why? Because the funds we raise benefit our friends at MENTOR Rhode Island, a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering local youth-in-need with mentors who support and inspire them. So when unideal weather presented itself, we didn’t back down.


Photo courtesy of Cranston Herald


Early mornings, cold showers and resilience training equipped our crew with enough mental toughness to take on Narragansett Bay but, out of respect for our host’s wishes, we postponed the dip portion of our event to a later date. True to form, we persevered to make the most of an uncomfortable, albeit temporary, situation and came out stronger, more resilient and pretty damn proud of ourselves. Welcome the “Nobstaplunge,” a half-mile obstacle course race on the shoreline at Goddard Memorial State Park Beach without the frigid dip.


Photo courtesy of Providence Journal


We couldn’t be more proud of our volunteers and participants who endured temporary discomfort to overcome the first obstacle of 2018. Our goal is two-fold: To raise funds and awareness for MENTOR Rhode Island, so that they can inspire youth-in-need to persevere through challenging times, and to help our clients maintain a more resilient mindset during whatever challenges 2018 may bring.


Our youngest participant conquering the course! 


We’re stoked to announce that our event raised nearly $8,000 for MENTOR Rhode Island. Since the event’s inception in 2011, we’ve raised $41,000. But we’re not done there! Join us on Sunday, 1/28 at Goddard Memorial State Park Beach at noon, as we take on the official dip.  The Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge, along with our Holiday Squat Circuit, is part of our philanthropy program, LbF love, which seeks to give back to the local community.


Check out the Nobstaplunge in some of the local press!


Photo courtesy of Providence Journal


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For more photos from our event, check out our Facebook album!


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