Open Water Swim/Bike Brick

Published 05/28/2010

Trying to take advantage of the good weather, headed to Barber’s Pond for a swim/bike brick.  I have a new approach to planning my WOD’s.  Instead of committing to doing deadlifts in the gym on Monday for example, I just write what I want to do in the gym for the week.  That way if Monday’s a nice day, I’ll do a sand dune metcon or some sprints, etc.  Also, I can do what my body feels like doing.  Maybe this will help me get more “good days” out of a week?  At the very least, I’ll be able to enjoy the good weather more.

  • Swim – took the advice from people who were finishing up their swim and ripped off my wetsuit, jumped in and went for it.  20-25 min to end of pond and back at RPE 6-7
  • Bike – 10 min warmup of mixed drills/intensity then 5x (2 min on + 1 min off).  After that I cooled down for 5-6 min then hit 2x (1 min on + :30 off).
  • Stretch and done.
  • PWO = IF until lunch the next day. 

Nice practice time.  I feel a little unprepared conditioningwise for racing season but have been focusing more on my form and staying “in the present”.  This means more yoga and practicing the mental and skill aspects of triathlon.  There is a fine line between this approach and just being physically lazy (or having a different hierarchy of priorities).  Hopefully I’m on the side that yields the maximum results with the minimum effort.  I’ll be able to evaluate in a month!

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