PR's Like Whoa

Published 03/19/2011

In a perfect world, an athlete would increase their previous weights and improve their performance with each training session.  Unfortunately, that never happens and plateus are (especially for the conditioned gym-goers) encountered often.  Lately I’m skipping past these flat lines and progressing upwards.  I have isolated a few possible reasons and am working on identifying them to maintain these recent results.  On to last week’s sessions:

Mon 2/28 – approx. 18hr fasted

Warmup medley

Back Squat 225×3, 275×3, 295×3, 315×3, 325×3 (PR)

Weighted Pullups 50×3, 55×3, 60×3, 65×4 (PR)

Decline Situps x10, 10lbx8, 15lbx6

Thurs 3/3

WU: hydromassage, misc. calistenics, kb swings and flings

Deadlift: feelers then 295×3, 317×3, 335×3, 345×3 (PR).  Here’s the set of 345.  Really need to work on keeping shoulders back when the weights get heavier…

Weighted Dips: 70×3, 82×3, 95×2, 95×3 (PR).  Last set of 95 in the BFC basement; a little grindy…

That’s it for that week.  A little slow on the blogging updates.  This week’s workouts coming soon…

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