Recap in Reverse

Published 01/10/2012

Semi-planned Reverse Pyramid Day – 1/10/12

WU: n/a

Deadlift: 371×3, 349×5, 319×9

Press: 150×2, 135×6, 24kg x 10L, 12R

All above sets were all-out grunting efforts with plenty of rest in between.

Unplanned Reverse Pyramid Day – 1/5/12

WU: none

Deadlift – 349×5, 339×5, 319×7, 275×10, 225×12

Weighted Dips – 88#x3, 79×5, 70×7, 53×8, 35×10

Cooldown: Real Deal Kettlebell Complex @ 16kg

Probably overdid it here.  It was my first experience with reverse pyramid training so I just went with how I was feeling.  It was a good day but then the next couple required some serious rest.

Typ Strength Workout – 1/3/12

WU: joint mobility, Long cycle with 2×16 kg KBs x 20 reps

Back Squat – 135×5, 185×5, 225, 245, 267, 285, 305×3

Weighted Pullups – 40#, 44#, 53#, 28kg, 28kg x 3, then 32kg x 4 with 3 fingers on the Rock Rings

This was a standard “work-your-way up” workout.  It works but I’ll be workin in reverse for the foreseeable future.


Casterboard – to and fro the new residential digs and LbF world headquarters.  Approx. 1/2 mile each way x 2.  Since there’s no snow round these parts, it’s somewhat satisfying the winter riding jones I’m developing.

Rope Install/Test – bought this a little while back and finally got some time to set it up.  I researched knots but then ended up just doing my own thing.  So far so good!  This is a brutally effective and humbling way to develop grip strength and practice climbing technique!

All Set Up

Bain Middle School – while researching potential outdoor locations for the Tough Mudder Training Program, I stopped by one of my favorite local parks.  The sun was shining and although I was in my work clothes (as in construction), I went sans shoes and socks for a quick 1/4 mile loop that consisted of muscle-ups (8 consecutive which is a PR), hurdling park benches, monkey bar practice, balance beam “laps”, and an all-out sprint.  This took about 3 minutes.

Skill Practice – fortunately I have a few clients who are open to the POSE technique of running which allows me to practice my form while instructing them.  We got out a few times and even did some barefooted practice in a local field  – in the middle of the winter!


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