Rock Climbing - The Best Activity I Wasn't Doing!

Published 12/07/2011

But now I am officially hooked!  And not just because it fills a hole in my training, but it’s also extremely fun, mentally challenging, and gratifying!  Also, for the wise ones who value strength:weight ratio, what better activity exists that demands such a great one?

As you’ve read here before, the best way to get better at any activity is to practice.  However, since the ceiling height at LbF is somewhat limited, I’m supplementing my practice time atOcean State Rock Climbing with some sweet new movements to conquer 5-double digit climbs.  Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about:

Single Arm Jump Negatives: the term “jump negative” sends chills down most of my clients’ spines.  I can understand why…

One Arm Pushups: again a sweet upper body unilateral movement.  I need to shore up my core (seriously) a little more so this looks less serpentine/bendy…


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