Sand Dune Sesh

Published 04/08/2010

What a beautiful day!  Got to the dunes around 6pm equipped with a 16kg kettlebell and a rested and freshly massaged body.  Ass-kicking included the following:

  • warmup – walked with kettlebell to small dune ~5-6 min switching grip from clean “catch” to farmer’s walk style
  • run over to large dune ~ 3-4 min @ fast pace working on POSE technique
  • Grok crawl up large dunes x 2 all out up and run down
  • run back to small dune ~ roughly same pace but with much more lactic acid flowin


  • Evil Metcon: 10 KB snatches, sprint up small dune, look around slightly confused at top, run down, clap pushups x 10, knock over camera.  1:25 Rx

Wanted to do another round or two of this but when setting up for round 2 got really dizzy and felt like puking.  Decided to call it quits since I still had to hump the KB back to car.  With the sun setting on the day and the WOD, listened to a most-appropriate “Hotel California (Spanish Version)” by the Gipsy Kings.  A favorite song to end a workout and the go-to track for all my last runs when snowboarding this year – awesome song!



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