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Published 07/12/2011

Same old same old over here – life’s getting in the way of any premeditated fitness endeavors.  No matter to the adaptive and well fed folk however.  Anyway, here’s another month of material (MOM) relevant to eating, exercise, and health in general:

Cleansing – yes the dirty, bastardized term ruined by celebrities and gimmicky supplement suppiers can actually be implemented into a nutrition plan and yield excellent results.  After 9 (11 really) days on the Isagenix program, I’m happy to say I cleaned out a lot of garbage weight, experienced a serious energy boost, and essentially recharged my body to be a leaner, meaner machine.  This was timed so that I finished the cleanse a couple days before the Goddard Sprint Tri.  As a result, I felt amazing on the course and still do now.  If you’re trying to find out more about this program, feel free to shoot me an email or call.  We all need an oil change every now and then!  Cleansing is a great catalyst for weight loss or event preparation, but only if the timing and situation are right.  More specifically, this program was much easier for me since I’ve madeintermittent fasting a consistent part of my eating plan. 

Oh My Goddard Sprint Tri – see race reports for details.  Basically I went into this race completely untrained (even for me)!  The day before the race marked the first time I had ridden my bike and swam in over 10 months.  Overall, it went as expected…

Bold R Dash Training – So far so good!  Two sessions under the belt and no casualties to report.  Aside from personal humility, this has been a great boost to my training.  Hills are simply the best bang for your buck and Neutaconkanut Park is a steep diamond in the rough!  These climbing sessions are open too if you wanna drop in.  Check out the facebook page for more details.  We have a fb group for inside info and video analysis as well.

POSE Running Clinic at CFP – if you’ve been following this thing for a little while then you’ve definitely read about the POSE technique as it applies to running or yogging, biking, swimming, and even snowboarding.  This clinic was an excellent investment to have Drew at Upstream Fitness in Boston school a dozen poser wannabes in efficiency of movement.  I won’t give away his secrets, but I’ll tell you that I have new drills, mantras, and skills to add to my running repertoire; not to mention a renewed enthusiasm for running!  Below are before and after videos.  See if you can tell the difference…stopping and/or frame by frame is required here:



You can be sure I’ll be implementing this method at Bold R Dash and during training sessions.  I don’t have Drew’s eye but can definitely help make people more efficient on the hills.  And with 1300′ of elevation gain, it will be appreciated!

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