What the TransforMISSION Taught Us (Pt. 1)

Published 07/01/2018

Our first-ever 4-Week TransforMISSION challenged folks to commit to healthy lifestyle habits beyond exercising and eating well to understand that there are other pieces of the health pie. What we eat and how we move are important, but we wanted to drive home other factors – like walking, fasting, playing, sleeping, journaling and getting quality vitamin D – that typically fall to the wayside.

After one month of unlimited fitness classes, access to a private group forum and individual InBody testing, our participants gained a lot of insight, confidence and strength, and lost plenty of apprehensions, doubt and inches.

Here’s what they learned throughout their journey.

There’s a direct correlation between journaling and results.

Starting on day one of our TransforMISSION, we scored ourselves on big health pillars – like sleep, food, exercise, walking, sunshine and play time – to identify where we were making gains and where we were falling short.

We found out that documenting our progress not only helped us stay real with ourselves, it also kept us accountable.

For Christina, that meant reflecting on her daily habits to see that small improvements can yield big success. “The field book helped motivate me to prioritize and make time for areas that needed work, and it forced me to create a more balanced (and enjoyable) routine that I plan on continuing.”

For Tina, journaling was huge in sticking to healthy eating habits too. “Being a bit more flexible in how I tracked food made it much easier to stick with healthy eating. Plus, seeing my progress on paper kept me on track.”

The mind is more powerful than the body.

We practice mental toughness in all of our classes to help us get strong for challenges in the gym and in life alike. For Kerri, the strength she gained throughout our challenge helped her beyond her daily workouts. “Life threw me a lot of curveballs this month, but I’ve learned that mental strength is just as important as physical health ­– I’m amazed at my resilience!”

Natural movement is essential.

Lifting heavy and moving fast are parts of the fitness equation, but our participants learned that there was more to physical health. For Lisa, that meant practicing MovNat in her weekly workouts. “I’ve learned that natural movement is essential to improving strength and agility.”

Group support is one of the best sources of motivation.

And one of the biggest drivers of success. For Liz, “having motivating friends, both new and old, helped tremendously.” We all agreed that sharing our daily successes and struggles in a private group forum not only opened lines of communications, it also helped us overcome self-doubt and offer suggestions for others. 

The scale isn’t the best measure of health.

Our In-Body testing offers a more accurate picture of total body composition – better than weight and BMI. With insight into our water, protein, mineral and fat levels, this machine trumps the scale every time and helps us pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

“I love that the InBody testing shows more than just weight – it shows your fat levels too. The number on the scale doesn’t mean much if you have an unhealthy percent of fat for your frame.” – Crystal

Our next 4-Week TransforMISSION starts on July 9. Are you in?

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