What the TransforMISSION Taught Us (Pt. 2)

Published 07/26/2018

Our 4-Week TransforMISSION is about more than what we eat and how we move – it’s about nailing healthy habits that stick for life. Here are some of the takeaways from participants in our second challenge!

Self-care isn’t selfish.

Truth: You can’t pour from an empty cup. For some of our TransforMISSIONaries, carving out time for self-care while juggling work, family and life in general wasn’t a top priority. But, after realizing that creating and sticking to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits helped us to be more productive, energetic and efficient, we can’t imagine not prioritizing self-care. This resonated especially with our winner, Lindy. “The biggest challenge for me was allowing myself to believe that I deserve to take time for myself to focus on my health and well-being. Now, I don’t think I can live without that time.”

Regular exercise is about more than aesthetics.

It improves self-esteem and confidence too. We set ourselves up for success with small goals, like lifting heavy, sprinting once per week and walking every day. The momentum we built with these principles helped our participants go on to crush more challenging workouts, make strength gains and assure them that progress in the gym isn’t far-fetched if you start with the right approach.

Nutrition is a big piece of the weight-loss pie.

As one of our TransforMISSIONaries put it, “you can’t out-exercise a poor diet.” While opting for quality meats and vegetables instead of bread and pasta may have may have been an adjustment at first, the benefits were evident from early on. For one of our participants, eliminating grains and dairy helped her ditch migraine headaches that she previously experienced up to four times per week!

We could all use more walking.

While regular exercise has its place, we can’t discount the benefits of slow movement. Our favorite form: Walking. The benefits of moving meditation, fresh air and nature’s playlist helped us feel refreshed, relaxed and sharp. The best part for Crystal? It’s family-friendly. “I love that I’m walking more and so does my son! We’ve been exploring all over the neighborhood and I’m aware of much more than when I was just running with my headphones.”

Achieving health is a marathon, not a sprint.

The basis of our TransforMISSION is to help participants establish habits that stick so they can continue to crush life after our challenge ends. The progress our participants made helped them to understand that health isn’t a fad, “it’s a holistic way of life.”

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