What We're Thankful For

Published 11/23/2016

As a fitness studio, Thanksgiving offers the perfect opportunity for to amp up our training, establish healthy eating habits and even defy conventional wisdom as a form of damage control before the holiday season. We’re thankful for all of the things our total health brings – boundless energy, a capable body, the ability to keep up with our children and, best of all, an opportunity to enjoy life a bit more.

But what is Laid-back Fitness without its community of bad asses – young and old, novice or rookie – that we get to achieve said total health with?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our LbF family notes all of the things they're thankful for, inside and outside of the studio.

Cheers to another year of health and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!


“I am thankful for my family, friends and my health and to have a great place to call my second home to go blow off steam.”– Liz Hogan, Neuty Osa


“I'm thankful for my family, my work family (LbF staff, Osos, Warriors, and more), my health, my physical competence, and that I get to do what I love with people who are as weird as me!” – Ryan McGowan, LbF founder and president, Sensei



"’I am thankful for the things I cannot change. Even if I wish I could. It reminds me that I am not in control. It teaches me a lesson in acceptance every single day of my life.’ I'm also thankful for Tequila.” – Bobby Bobby, Neuty Oso 



“I'm thankful to have found my way back to LbF after a year and a half absence. The LBF family is a FFABULOUS group of positive and supportive badasses.” – Kristen Doyle McCormick, Neuty Osa  


“I am thankful for MANY things, but especially my family,
my friends, my education and my inarguable passion/interest/zest for adventure, health, fitness and nutrition! I'm thankful to be surrounded by like-minded, brave and crazy people who have encouraged me to tap into my inner adrenaline junkie and tackle some crazy challenges, both physical and mental. I'm thankful for all of the inspiration, good vibes, growth and positivity at LbF, both inside and outside the gym!”– Ali McGowan, Neuty Osa 


“I am thankful for my supportive family, friends and a beautiful new grandson.” – Mary Catanese, Neuty Osa


“I am thankful for having a job, a roof over my head and my family and gym family. LbF has become my second home/family. I would have never thought people would describe me as strong and a beast. I have been able to complete OCR races with all the training and support from the gym.” – Jen Berardis, Neuty Osa 


“I am thankful that I have found a family in everyone at LbF and that I, unlike so many others, actually love what I do and who I do it with. I'm also thankful for every person that walks in the door with a smile, high fives and positivity. Thank you all for being such wonderful people.” – Erin Phaneuf, LbF Manager, Neuty Osa 


“I am thankful to have the ability and opportunity to both train and to coach with and around such great people!” – Coach Neil Broza of TFW West Bay, Neuty Oso 






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