Our Blog Archives for April of 2010

Run for Fun

Published 04/29/2010

I’m not a big fan of back-to-back hard days but (as usual) the schedule had to be tweaked for other life stuff.  Since it was cold and windy, headed to the URI indoor track and hit this lung-burner… Warmup walking lunges, over/under hurdles, high knees, butt kicks.  all easy effort x 15-20 yds The Cred 50×3, 60×3 Couple sprints...

Labor of Love

Published 04/30/2010

“Off day” yesterday included more garden prep.  This WOD was simple, archaic, effective and went as follows: Load a lot of rocks in wheelbarrow Push 60 yds to woods Carry and drop, place, step back and rub chin, move and place into better spot x 100 +/- the rocks are much bigger in person! End result = gratification.  If nothing else,...