Conquering Fears & Crushing Obstacles: Weezy's Story

Published 08/14/2019

One year with our team of trainers and racers and Heloisa (aka "Weezy") has gone from LbF newbie to OCR addict! Read how she's conquered fears and crushed obstacle course races since joining LbF last April!

"Before I joined LbF, I was going to the gym by myself and not pushing myself enough to reach my goals. When I first joined, I was definitely intimidated.

After five months of taking strength and conditioning classes and hearing a lot about obstacle course races, I began taking the obstacle conditioning class in the Jungle! It was definitely not an easy class for me and I had a lot of fears.

With motivation and determination, I have been able to conquer so much since joining the LbF family (because that's exactly what we are at this gym, a big family that supports each other in so many ways).

My son takes the ninja classes, and he has made such huge improvements in just one year thanks to the awesome coaches who believe in him and push him to always do his best. I can’t thank the trainers enough – I love being part of such an amazing gym!"  - Heloisa ("Weezy") Vargas

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