One Year & A Stronger Christina Later

Published 05/30/2019

Our client Christina has made serious progress since her first TransforMISSION in 2018. We’re not talking just about physical strength, we’re talking about mental toughness and confidence too. Find out what she’s gained in just 12 months with us.

It's crazy that this week marks a year that I joined Laid-back Fitness. I always loved what they were about, but it took me a few years to actually get myself to make it work and fully commit. My good friend David and I decided to finally do something for ourselves and started out with their 4-Week TransforMISSION which included a month of unlimited classes, helping us find balance in our day (movement, nutrition, sun, play, breathing, prep, etc.), and so much more. Since then, we haven't looked back and I definitely wish I had joined sooner.

I've learned so much about myself both physically and mentally, while sharing triumphs and overcoming struggles with an awesome community of people.

Here are just a few things to celebrate from the past year:

Body Composition: Dropping 20 pounds of body fat/over 10% body fat, better water intake, visceral fat level going down from 10 to 5 points and gaining muscle in all areas! I'm finally starting to find my groove with nutrition and sugar cravings are becoming a thing of the past. It's just the beginning.

Adventure: Jumping in the ocean on New Year’s Day at the Frozen Clam Obstaplunge, running with headlamps through the Sand Dunes and woods in the dark and snow, training on Neutaconkanut Hill with the Oso team, now working on being ready for Tough Mudder this summer.

Shoulder strength/stability: My shoulder was popping out at least once a month from movements as simple as sneezing (old injury) and now it hasn't popped since November!! I've also gone from not being able to hang on a bar to being able to side-swing and hold on without thinking, as well as not being able to hold weight over my head to using “good sized” kettlebells for Turkish getups, overhead presses and arm bars.

Skills: Learning how to improve my running form; lifting and carrying properly, climbing, crawling, precision jumps, vaulting and breathing. It's funny but getting up and around with a sprained ankle was so much easier thanks to all the tripod work, getups and other movements I learned. I've also learned things that will help me in coaching my young athletes and playing my own sports … and now I want to climb over everything.

Mind: Better breathing, a lot less anxiety and “down days”, a more balanced lifestyle, working through injuries and setbacks with a "good" mindset, gaining new friends and support in the LbF community and feeling more confident and competent! 

This doesn't even touch on all the things I've gained from joining, and not all are measurable, but I'd say those things are the biggest accomplishments anyway. I definitely owe a huge thanks to LbF owner, Ryan McGowan for guiding me through it all by leading by great example, and helping me tap into potential that I didn't know I had. He's the most genuinely nice, always encouraging badass you will meet, and has helped me overcome fears and look forward to obstacles and challenges both physically and beyond. If you're looking for a personal trainer, you will not be disappointed no matter what your fitness level is or goals are. I learned so much from him about health, movement, and life in general, and can't wait to see what else he has in store.

I'm also grateful for my friend and workout side-kick David Borrelli for joining me on the journey, always being supportive and down for anything, and waking up at 5 a.m. to get after our goals. He has been a one in a million kind of friend, and I can't say enough. Super proud of the progress he has made in the past year as well, and we're just going to keep getting better! 

If you'd like to join us, there is another TransforMISSION coming up in June. Now that my warm-up year is over, I'm excited to keep going. Thanks again, LbF!

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Posted by Dean Cuellar on 08/29/2023

Congratulations on your one-year journey and the incredible growth, Christina! 🎉💪 Your determination and resilience shine through, inspiring us all to push past obstacles and become stronger versions of ourselves. Here's to many more years of progress and success! 🌟👏 #OneYearStronger #PersonalGrowthJourney