Our Inaugural Strength-to-Weight Ratio Challenge

Published 05/20/2017

With every new season comes new opportunities! At LbF, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our new weekly strength classes than with our first-ever Strength-to-Weight Ratio (SWR) Challenge.

The challenge: For four weeks, we focused on the fundamentals of weight training – from deadlifts and presses to front squats and pull ups. During the first week of classes, we recorded participants’ bodyweights and strength measures. After three weeks of training and nutrition guidance, we retested these numbers. By super-setting non-competing muscle groups, these workouts allow for sufficient rest to ensure maximum power output!

The reward: Aside from getting strong, leaner and more confident, the participant who increased his or her strength-to-weight ratio (through strength gain, weight loss or both) won one free month of unlimited classes.

SWR = (Deadlift + press + front squat + pull up)/bodyweight

Here are the official SWR ranking scales:

0-.7 beginner
.7-1.4 getting there
1.4-2-1 solid
2.1-2.8 strong
2.8-3.5 beast
3.5+ you're probably Russian

0-1 beginner
1-2 getting there
2-3 solid
3-4 strong
4-5 beast
5+ you're probably Russian

So how did it all go down? We’re excited to announce that Melissa K. increased her SWR by 26%! Those gains earned her a FREE month of unlimited classes!

In addition, we’re proud to share strength measures for our top five finishers. These folks are the strongest for their bodyweight!

Our top 5 SWR's for last block were:

  • Ali M. 4.33
  • Shawn T. 3.85
  • Chris J. 3.51
  • Cheryl M. 3.31
  • Rosario V. 3.26

Here’s what some of our top finishers had to say:

Ali M.: One of my goals for 2017 was to deadlift twice my bodyweight, and the SWR Challenge enabled me to exceed that goal in a way that was safe and sustainable! As someone who works full-time in an office, the strength classes improved the way I felt at work and provided me with even more energy. I noticed a massive difference in my performance in all of my other training, including yoga, kettlebell classes and Tough Mudder!

Shawn T.: I definitely see a positive improvement across my other training, from climbing walls to increasing strength and control on hanging obstacles after the SWR Challenge! I'm most proud of my pull up since it has the most direct impact on my obstacle/ninja training, and was excited improve my max front squat with even better depth. While my primary goal has not been my physical appearance, weight training has made a faster and greater impact on my physique than any other training!

Cheryl M.: During the first strength block, I was able to increase my deadlift, front squat and pull up while simultaneously dropping a few pounds. It felt amazing to deadlift 235 pounds and to increase my front squat depth. The best part? My butt looks awesome!

Rosario V.: I started the challenge without ever having deadlifted before, and I definitely overcame my apprehension about the move. After completing the SWR Challenge, I feel more equipped to take on the Tough Mudder workouts at Neuty and the Sand Dunes. The discipline required to attend double sessions has positively affected other areas of my life!

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